Farida Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

A Good Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is a holistic combination of Indian Yoga and Thai Medicine, which involves stretching, pulling and pressing. The amount of pressure applied varies with each person. Through this therapeutic massage, the pressure points or knots formed inside the body are released to facilitate a seamless flow of energy through the energy pathways. This helps in healing ailments, thus providing relief and relaxation.
A massage therapist giving a traditional Thai massage to a man using her elbow

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Improved Sleep Cycle
  • Improved Blood Circulation
  • Promotes Mental Peace and Emotional Stability
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Relieves Joint Pain
  • Improves flexibility


1 hour$75
1.5 hour$110
2 hour$150
A woman being massaged around her neck
A woman feeling relaxed on getting a back massage

FAQ on Traditional Thai Massage

Is Thai Massage Good For You?

Thai Massage energizes the body more than relaxing it. Some of the benefits of Thai Massage are increased blood circulation, better immune system and pain relief. But what really makes you feel good and high is the balance of Cortisol and Serotonin. Thai Massage lowers production of Cortisol, the depression causing hormone, and increases the production of Serotonin, the happiness hormone.

How often should you get a massage?

If Thai Massage is only being done for leisure, then once in a month is fine. However, if you aim to cure any ailments, then your therapist will inform you about its frequency.

What is the difference between Thai massage and regular massage?

Thai Massage involves a lot of movements and therapists gets you into yoga-like postures, whereas most other massages require you to lie down for the entire course of the massage.

How to prepare for first Thai massage therapy session?

Eat well before your Thai Massage appointment, say 1-2 hrs before it. Avoid coffee and alcohol. Eat light to avoid uncomfortable feeling while you lie on your stomach. Some home-stretching before Thai Massage reduces after pain. Wear light cotton clothes and flat footwear. Also, chit chat with your therapist so you get to know her well before the session, this will help ease your apprehension as a first timer.

What is difference between a Thai massage and deep tissue massage?

While Thai Massage focuses on overall well-being, Deep Tissue Massage involves care to specific concerns such as relief from chronic pain, recovery from sports injury etc. Deeper pressure is applied on the fascia to work on the knots and tensions formed between layers of tissue.

Is Thai Massage good for lower back pain?

Research which were done to study the effect of Thai Massage on lower back pain, state that patients have experienced considerable comfort from pain after going to regular Thai Massage sessions.