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7 Ways To Make The Benefits of Massage Last Longer

We often hear this question from the first timers - how long do the benefits of massage last? The core benefits of massage stay in your body forever.

A good massage is an experience in itself, where you feel a rush of emotions as well as your stress melting away from your muscles and bones. You want this feeling to last as long as it can. The good news is, there are things that you can do to make the benefits of massage last longer. If you follow a set regime after every massage, that can get you the most out of your massage, helping you stay more active and rejuvenated through the days. 

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Massage 

Plan smart:

Everything starts with the right planning. Book your Thai massage appointment on a day when you can take the rest of the day off after the massage. Walking into a hectic schedule or a party right after the massage might wane off the massage magic soon. Moreover, after a relaxing massage, your body needs a bit more relaxation to rebound. So, schedule your massage appointment on a free day.

Hydrate your body:

We cannot stress this aspect enough. A traditional Thai massage breaks down lymphatic blocks. These blocks are flushed out of the body by water. You might feel sluggish and drained out if you fail to gulp down a few bottles of water. Keeping yourself hydrated helps the body to stay calm and enjoy the benefits of a good massage for a long time. You have to keep this hydration system on for as long as you can. Toxin flush out may happen over the days after the massage. So, make it a routine to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Spread this out through the entire day. It is important to note that juices are not a substitute for water. 

Avoid high-intensity activities:

It is advisable to avoid activities that are strenuous to the body. A high-intensity workout, for instance, would be good if avoided. That said, yoga can help maintain the lightweight feeling for long after the massage. So daily yoga stretches will strengthen your system and will help radiate health inside out. You may resume your daily exercises after a 2-day break after massage.

Extend your “me” time:

There is enough scientific evidence today to prove that several hormones are released during the massage. These hormones are nicknamed happiness hormones. So, suddenly you might feel overwhelmed, or sometimes even different. It is okay and it is normal. So, it is good to give yourself some space to express yourself. Watching your emotions is also fantastic. If you have the liberty of creating a “me” space and time after the massage where you can lie down and listen to some soft music without being disturbed, then it would have positive effects on your mind and body for days. Add this “me” time to all days in a week (or as many days as you can) you will see amazing results on your body and mind. If you are at peace, it is bound to show on your skin. Keep it glowing!

Watch your diet:

After a massage, you will feel famished. A sudden urge to binge can overwhelm you. But beware! Your body has just gone through a cleansing process, it is advisable not to fill it with junk. Maintaining a healthy diet will help your body stay balanced and will provide the prolonged benefits of a massage.

Avoid stress:

Massage breaks down stress from your body. With the release of serotine in your body, you physically start experiencing bliss. You can keep this experience alive for a long time. Connect with your inner self to stay calm and try to avoid situations that create stress. 

Invest in regular massage:

Anything done on a break-fix model, will provide short-term results, but if you invest in regular maintenance, you will enjoy long-term benefits. It is quite the same for the body too. If you keep the momentum on by going for a massage at regular intervals, say once in a month, it will work like therapy and provide lasting benefits to health and mind. Customers who are regulars at Farida Thai Massage, boast of increased mobility, prolonged stress relief, relief from body pain and peace of mind. 

The techniques to get the best results from a massage applies to all types of massages – Traditional Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Warm Oil Massage or a post-sports massage. Some massages that apply more strength and work on a deeper level, such as a deep tissue massage, require longer rest and care to help your body rejuvenate.

The benefits of any massage can be enjoyed for a longer duration with some extra care. Though, this does not mean you would feel sluggish or stressed if you don’t have the time or opportunity to practice the above-mentioned tips. You would get the benefits of a massage no matter how hectic your routine is, these tips and tricks are only to enhance the feel-good experience of a massage till you book your next massage at Farida Thai Massage. 

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