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Deep Tissue Massage

What is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Diving deeper into the tissues for pain relief

Deep Tissue Massage is more of a Therapeutic Massage where the tension in the deep tissues and layers of muscles are worked upon. This type of massage is excellent for relieving chronic pains and de-stressing body after hectic sporting events. Deep Tissue Massage therapy is also found to be effective in curing arthritis pain and tendonitis. At Farida Thai Massage, considerable attention is given to understanding your troubles and ailments before performing this massage, and only an expert in Deep Tissue Massage performs this massage here. It is a general misconception that Deep Tissue Massage is painful, however, at specific points while the therapist tries to breakdown knots formed inside the deep muscular layers, some pain might be experienced. It is essential that any pain or discomfort is communicated to your therapist.
A woman feeling happy with deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

  • Speedy recovery from injury
  • Corrects postural problems
  • Quick recovery from sports-related muscle injuries
  • Provides relief from neck and back pain
  • Aids release of happiness hormone Serotonin


1 hour$85
1.5 hour$125
2 hour$160
A man lying on the massage table is getting a deep tissue massage
Pressure points are being activated during a deep tissue massage

FAQ on Deep Tissue Massage

Is Deep Tissue Massage good for you?

If you are looking for therapeutical benefits from a massage, then Deep Tissue Massage is for you. This kind of massage can be very effective for people suffering from prolonged muscular pain.

How often should you get a deep tissue massage?

As Deep Tissue Massage is usually done for curing specific health issues, a therapist only can suggest the number of required sessions and its frequency. However, if you are doing it as a leisure massage, then once in a month is fine.

Does deep tissue massage hurt?

In Deep Tissue Massage, a therapist works on deeper layers of muscles, and connecting tissues called the fascia to remove adhesions. While trying to reach deeper tissues, as certain amount of pressure is exerted, you may feel some amount of discomfort though not severe to dislike it. That said, each body’s level of tolerance to pain differs, so let your therapist know your desired pressure range.

How do you feel after deep tissue massage?

As muscles have been worked out and a lot of metabolic waste is produced in the body, you are bound to experience a bit of soreness. This usually disappears within 24 hours. Remember to drink plenty of water to flush out the metabolic waste.

What is the difference between a deep tissue and a regular massage?

Pressure!!! Though it is said in one word, it is not the only thing that differentiates Deep Tissue Massage from others. The strokes used in Deep Tissue Massage also differs as the aim of this massage is to penetrate the layers of the tissue to release the tension formed there.