Farida Thai Massage

Back Shoulder & Neck Massage

Not everybody enjoys a Full Body Massage every time. Also, for times when your back and neck hurt badly, a Back and Shoulder Massage are way more beneficial than a Full Body Massage. In this form of massage, varied pressure is applied between neck, shoulder, upper and lower back. Knots formed between joints, usually from work stress and from sitting in improper postures, are carefully released. Extreme care is taken while working on each point to provide relief.
Back and Shoulder Massage

Benefits of Back and Shoulder Massage:

  • Relieves daily stress
  • Instant pain relief
  • Good when you lack time for a full body Thai massage


30 min$45
1 hour$75
Why do I need a Back Neck and Shoulder Massage
Is massage good for neck and shoulder pain


Why do I need a Back Neck and Shoulder Massage?

Most of us live a sedentary life with a good part of the day being spent on the computer, causing stress around the neck and shoulders. This lifesyle, may even lead to postural problems. Hence, we need to frequently indulge in Back neck and Shoulder Massage to ease daily stress.

Is massage good for neck and shoulder pain?

Unlike in Full Body Massage, where all the pressure points are concentrated upon, here the area of focus remains back, neck and shoulders. Hence this form of massage is good for neck back and shoulder pains.

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