Farida Thai Massage

Aromatherapy Thai Oil Massage

Farida’s Aromatherapy Thai Oil massage is a signature massage which combines the goodness of essential oils along with Thai Massage. Here we term it as a wonder therapy. The essential oil used for aromatherapy such as lavender, rose, geranium, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, etc., have exceptional healing properties along with their power to calm the mind.
The essential oils, extracted, from flowers and plants also aid the process of Thai Massage by accelerating the process of aligning the energy flow along the energy lines called Sen Lines.
Aromatherapy Thai Oil Massage

Benefits of Aromatherapy Thai Oil Massage:

  • Relief from stress
  • Relief from soreness
  • Promotes emotional stability
  • Better sleep
  • Stimulates the release of Serotonin and Dopamine (happiness hormones)


1 hour$80
1.5 hour$120
2 hour$160
What is Aromatherapy Thai Oil massage?
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What is Aromatherapy Thai Oil massage?

Aromatherapy Thai Oil massage combines Thai massage with the use of essential oils. The essential oil is selected based on the health concerns of the recipient. The magical properties of the essential oil and energising massage, soothe body and mind.

Which essential oils are used for massage?

Each essential oil has its own properties and interacts with the human body in unique ways. A therapist will select the essential oil for Aromatherapy Thai Oil Massage based on your health concerns and requirements. She may use one or a combination of them. Peppermint boosts energy and aids digestion; Chamomile works well in manipulating mood, Sandalwood is blissful as it calms the nerves. Likewise, each oil has specific qualities, and their use is a therapist’s discretion.