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Gina- Massage Therapist, Farida Thai Massage

True Thai Massage

My childhood memories are filled with people thronging our house in Chiang Mai, a city in northern Thailand, on Wednesdays – a day when my grandfather would see patients. He was a traditional healer, a man with no medical qualifications but a master healer with immense knowledge in traditional Thai Medicine and Massage.
What piqued my curiosity towards learning Thai Medicine and Thai Massage was an incident that took place when I was 10. Once while playing, a friend suddenly lost his balance and fell off the cliff, though he was rescued he suffered some serious injuries. In those days, traditional Thai healers were considered far more experienced than doctors, so he was brought to my grandfather for treatment. I stood witness to the entire process of his miraculous recovery. Since then, I started learning Thai Massage techniques and about the medicinal plants and herbs that had a magical effect on the human body. He made me practice the art of Thai Massage on a day-to-day basis, and gradually, I noticed I was getting better at it with every passing day.

Love for Authentic Thai Massage

Life’s twists and turns brought me to Australia, but I made sure that I kept my skills sharpened. I started by helping out friends and family recover from their daily stress by giving a rejuvenating Thai Massage on weekends. I realised my calling in life is to heal people.
After having worked in multiple Thai Massage centres across Perth, I decided to venture out on my own to provide the best in Perth Thai Massage experience for everyone who seeks to find solace through Thai Massage. For me, Farida Thai Massage is a result of my aspiration to provide undiluted practice of this traditional form.
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Farida Thai Massage

What is a Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai Massage
Thai Massage is working on layers of muscles and tissue to remove knots and blockages to align the energy with the Sen Lines. This is done using varied strokes, movements and application of pressure. In a traditional Thai Massage, the recipient is moved into yoga-like postures with assistance, thereby providing the double benefit of massage and yoga through a single therapy.
I firmly believe that it takes a high level of expertise to perform such a massage. Farida Thai Massage is hence a place where years of experience is put to practice to relieve stress, improve blood circulation, relieve chronic pain, improve posture and a place for complete relaxation.
Farida aims to provide all-round well-being – mental and physical – through a holistic healing process at affordable prices.
– By Gina –