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Farida Thai Massage

Thai Massage Therapy 

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When you are near Kewdale and your body wishes for the best Thai Massage Therapy, look no further. Farida offers the most peaceful and relaxing atmosphere (away from the hustle and bustle of a mall) for a massage. Gina, our therapist, works magic with her hands to offer the most rejuvenating experience.
Our massage offers a lasting relief from pain and stress, even when you resume your hectic schedule the very next day. We believe effects of massage on the body and mind should be a lasting one. Hence, we have improvised Thai Massage techniques to suite WA climate and pace of life.
Our clients often describe their massage experience with us to be joyful. As we start massaging, your body will trigger secretion of happiness hormones. Your mood elevates instantly and what prevails is a sense of peace and calmness.
We believe everybody deserves a “me time”.
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I need a Massage

  • Traditional Thai Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Back Shoulder & Neck Massage
  • Body Scrub & Massage
  • Aroma Therapy Thai Oil Massage
  • Warm Oil Massage
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Now is the right time, treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage

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True Thai Massage Therapies

Know your Therapy

Relaxing face massage at Farida Thai Massage

Massage Therapy

Since ancient times, Massage Therapy was part of both Indian Ayurveda and Thai Medicine, where the muscles and tissues were manipulated using varying strokes and pressure on the body.
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Body Treatment

Pamper!!! Your body needs to be cleansed, exfoliated and hydrated regularly for that glowing radiance. Daily skin and body care are a necessity, but most of us fail terribly at it to make way for other priorities.
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Soul Therapy

We rightfully think that there are some body treatments that transcends the borders of physical limitation to provide beyond the body experience.

Why Farida Thai Massage?

Owner and Main Massage Therapist at Farida Thai Massage
As I walk around Perth, I see Thai Massage Centres scattered all over. So naturally, when I decided to start one, I vouched to be different. For which, I decided to fall back on my years of experience with a vast number of Thai Massage Centres here in Perth. Customer interactions there taught me about general expectations and feelings towards a massage. Farida Thai Massage, therefore, is a haven blossomed to balance customer expectations and quality in massage for a best in Perth Thai Massage experience.

Benefits of Thai Massage At Farida


Expert hands

Along with years of hands-on experience in a variety of massages ranging from Deep Tissue Massage to Aromatherapy Massage, I bring a tradition of healing, that is being followed with utmost devotion.


Peaceful atmosphere

Peaceful atmosphere Inner calmness is a reflection of the immediate surrounding. So, to help you reach the zenith of wellness and peace, the most appropriate atmosphere has been set here.


Customised massage

Customised massage Each body is different, in terms of energy flow, so is each body’s tolerance to pressure. Therefore, at Farida Thai Massage, each massage is customised to increase body and mind’s reception.


Authentic products

Authentic products Trust is the foundation of healing, and to ensure this, we have built a conducive environment with the use of sterilised and genuine products.



Finesse Aligning the energy flow in one’s body is more like an art that relies significantly on dexterity to deal with pressure knots ranging from minor to severe. We, therefore, practice this tradition with diligence so that the benefit is passed on to each of our customers.


Excellent results

Excellent results Thai Massage or any other therapy for that matter, can heal only if the recipient feels satisfied. Hence, each massage here is done to deal with individual problems. I bank on my customers, which is why I enjoy more word of mouth.


Word of mouth

What my Customers say​

I am someone who takes massage seriously, I have tried almost all types of massage and at various Thai Massage parlours. But after trying a Deep Tissue Massage with Gina, I have never visited anyone else apart from her. All the bsest!!
Vic Park
A woman getting a facial massage from a therapist
Thank you, that's all I wish toa say. Never felt so lively before!!
Being a mom of twin toddlers, I had been suffering from stress and anxiety. One day I decided to stay put and crashed in for a Thai Massage with high expectations. To be honest, I am short of words to describe how I felt. Bliss is the only word I can think of. Love you, Gina

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Monday to Friday : 9.30am – 6.00pm
Saturday & Sunday : 10.00am – 6.00pm